Babic Images

Marko Babic


The photos on this site are after years of traveling around Australia capturing God's Creation. I love nothing more than waking up at ridiculous hours and driving to the beach to capture a sunrise or packing the 4x4 and going an on adventure. I became interested in landscape photography in 2002 after a trip to Alice Springs, taking photos with an old point and shoot film camera. After looking through those photos I decided that this is what I wanted to do.

I shot film for a while using the Fuji G617 but went digital and bought the Canon 5d Mark 2 and began stitching panoramas. On the rare occasion i also used the Hasselblad H4D-40. I would love to tell you that I own it but I'd be lying! Some of those photos are on this site.

It's been a fun journey so far, but of course it's not over. Australia is a big country and there are plenty of places still to explore.

I truly hope you enjoy the photos on this site, and I look forward to share many new photos as I travel throughout this wonderful country.